Ann-Sofie Fisker

MSc. mathematics, Ph.D. student applied geometry


Ph.D. Project (December 2015 - December 2018)
Title: Surface design and rationalization for robotic hot-wire and hot-blade technologies.
I develop algorithms for designing production-ready surfaces/architectural formwork for the hot-blade and -wire technologies. To do this I study elastic curves and ruled surfaces.

Master's Thesis
Title: Design and surface rationalization with ruled surfaces.


Talk: "Designing Interactively with Elastic Splines" 2018 at the International Conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing Aachen.
Seminar: "Designing with Elastic Splines" 2017 at Freie Universität Berlin.
Poster 2017 at the Ph.D. Bazaar Technical University of Denmark.
Poster 2016 at the International Geometry Summit Berlin.

Conference attendances

2018 The International Conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing Aachen.
2017 SIAM conference on industrial and applied geometry Pittsburgh.
2016 Advances in Architectural Geometry Zürich.
2016 The International Geometry Summit Berlin.

Workshops/Summer schools

2016 Advances in Architectural Geometry, ZHA Freeform developable surfaces.
2016 The International Geometry Summit, summer school.